Videos say more than 1000 words, watch the “DIY” videos.

It is fun to make a soap decoration / necklace with pour soap. But how do you do it and what should you pay attention to?

For anyone who wants to know more, we have a number of soap DIY making videos online. In “part “the basics” you will have a good basis in 10 minutes to get started yourself. In the other videos we will show how to make holes in the soaps and how to add professional effects.

Are you new? Then “the basics” is your starting point. We show you how to best melt soap, mix the colors with our unique 4 basic colors, how to make molds and remove the air bubbles.

Please note that the latest videos are at the bottom!
The videos are also on the youtube channel.

The base

We are going to learn: melting, colors and scents. We make gray and light pink soaps, we scent the soap and pour it into molds. We also show how easy it is to remove the air bubbles that arise.

Making soap chain

We are going to learn: how to make holes in soap so that you can string it on a chain

Working with gold and metallic mica powder

How do you make an silver and gold glitter into soap? You will learn it with this video

Making a photo in soap 21-09-2013

Make soap personal with a photo of yourself, a child or your pet

Make a trendy soap stick 14-11-2016

Time for a child’s party or a workshop. Make it perfect with these soap sticks

The difference in soap for sale on the net

The difference with our soap, it stays dry! 02-17-2013