Glycerin pour soap sweat-free

Our pour soap stays dry thanks to our innovative production process!

Our glycerine-based pour soap is sweat-free and ideal for making your own soaps or soap decorations. The soap has been specially developed by us, which has many advantages compared to other (pour) soap.

Since we further developed the soap in 2012, more and more hobbyists and professionals are switching to our glycerin soap and they don’t do that just like that! Converted, one kilo of our special pour soap costs €8.50. One kilo is sufficient for 60 soaps, with which you can make, for example, 11 soap chains.

It is suitable for decorative use, but of course also for cosmetic use and perfect for melting, scenting and coloring. More information about our cast soap, look here.

Sweat-free pour soap & does not condense*.
Your creation does not get wet and is therefore unique in the market!

The soap is free from animal ingredients and not tested on animals (100% vegan).

Our soap is also free from microplastics!
It is produced as soap, so it complies with cosmetics legislation!

Gietzeep voorbeeld

We supply all our meltable glycerin pour soap in various handy resealable robust packaging. Opening is a piece of cake, no fiddling with boxes, just solid and easy to use, just like the soap itself!

* Under normal conditions and melting and processing properly

Zweetvrije gietzeep wit 1 kilo

1 kilo package sweat-free pour soap

» Packaged per 1000 grams (1 kilo)
» Available in transparent
» Available in white
» Resealable packaging

Zweetvrije gietzeep transparant 2.5 kilo

2.5 kilo package sweat-free pour soap

» Packaged per 2500 grams (2.5 kilos)
» Available in transparent
» Available in white

» Available in extra white
» Resealable packaging

Gietzeep zweetvrij 2,5 kilo extra wit

2.5 kilo package extra white sweat-free pour soap

With an extra high dose of Titanium Dioxide have we added to the soap on a special way makes this soap much whiter than standard white soap.

» Packaged per 2500 grams (2.5 kilos)
» Extra white
» Resealable packaging

15 kilo zweetvrije gietzeep

15 kilo package sweat-free pour soap

The largest packaging we supply is 15 kilos. Heavier is to expensive in shipping.

» Packed per 15 kilos
» Available in transparent
» Available in white
» Resealable bucket

We give the bucket a second life, we receive the raw cast soap in it. You can give it a third life as a handy storage bucket.