Add a professional color or metallic effect to pour soap yourself.
It’s simple with our Mica powder dyes.

With our high-quality Pearl mica powder you can create a professional-looking creation in no time. Simply add a little mica powder, just like you do with dye and fragrance oil. Stir well and you will be ready with your creation in a split second.

With mica powder you have 2 options:

Colorless with metallic effect

You add the colorless pearl mica to an existing color or leave the soap in the color it was. The pearl mica gives the color a metallic effect. The mica does not color the soap!

Mica parelmoer

Colored with metallic effect

Use a mica dye of the desired color and add it to the soap. The soap now takes on the color of the mica with a metallic effect. No other dyes needed!

Mica kleur blauw
Mica goud kleur
Mica zilveren kleur

Good to know

– Mica is a pigment – Pigment does not dissolve but mixes with the soap

– Pigment yellow less than regular dyes
– Not all mica powders are colorfast
– Cheap micas can discolor

Examples of pearl (colorless) mica powder

Blue dye + pearl mica powder
Pink dye + pearl mica powder
Transparent soap + pearl mica powder

Examples of colored mica powder

Transparante zeep + blauwe mica
Transparent soap + blue mica
Transparante zeep + goud mica
Transparent soap + gold mica
Transparante zeep + rode mica
Transparent soap + red mica

What are Micas?

Micas is actually nothing more than a rock that is extracted in mines. They are sorted by size and then given a treatment to have a color. Titanium dioxide is usually used for this, which is made in a special way.

If you use pearl, the mica does not give any color to the soap but only a glitter effect. The color of the soap must then be created with dye, so you can actually go in any direction.

There are also colors of micas, we are talking about pigment. The soap takes on the color of the mica and is opaque, but transparency is difficult. Pigment is not soluble. A pigment is distributed throughout the soap and always remains small pieces that are stuck in the soap.


Pearl is the cheapest of the types we have, and also the most commonly used because it is flexible in use.

Pearl powder gives the soap a (slightly) shimmering effect without changing the color much. Transparent soap does become a bit whiter, however, if you use a color you look through the glitter effect, as in the examples, and you do not see this.

The more powder you put in, the greater the effect.

The price is lower than you think.


The pigment version gives an opaque effect and removes the transparent effect. Depending on the amount you use, you can even make a completely silver soap star using only transparent soap.

Mica powder gives an opaque professional metallic / glitter color effect and also turns the soap silver. So only mica powder is needed, which is super concentrated so that you only need a little powder to color the soap.