Meng zelf je eigen kleur voor gietzeep

met slechts vier kleuren!

Why would you spend a lot of money for a collection of colors? It’s much more fun to mix a color yourself!

Give pour soap color, with our unique 4 basic colors, you can mix any color you want. Pink, Yellow & Blue, with these colors, you can easily mix the color you want, with the help of the color card.

One drop of Yellow and one drop of Blue makes Green, one drop of Blue and one drop of Pink makes Purple.

There is also black dye with which you can darken a color, or you can make gray by mixing a drop of black with white cast soap.

Our bottles have a long transparent dropper that allows you to see what you are doing, and dosing is child’s play. The colored caps prevent the wrong cap on the wrong bottle.

Need more colors?

Some colors are a challenge to mix, dark Red and certainly Brown are difficult. That’s why we mix them for you. In addition to the 4 basic colors, both Red and Brown are available separately. If you want to be completely flexible, you can have fun with transparent cast soap and our white dye. A big advantage to that, is that you decide how white the soap becomes. White soap with Red dye turns pink. If you add a little bit of white to remove the transparent effect, you can still get almost complete Red.