Tic Tac Toe

Materials used: zoo mold, white pour soap, black color, fragrance oil, measuring cup, spoon, alcohol in spray bottle, tree disc, pencil, black marker, ruler.

During the drying time of the soap, draw 9 boxes on the tree disk. Tip: first do this with a pencil, then trace with a black marker. When the soaps are dry, carefully remove them from the mold

Materials used: zoo mold, white soap, black food coloring, fragrance oil, measuring cup, spoon, alcohol in spray bottle, tree disk, pencil, black marker, ruler.

Melt the soap in a bain marie, mix 2 different colors, add a nice scent, pour into the silicone mold, spray away the air bubbles with the alcohol. You need 5 of both figures. You can find more detailed information about making soap in our videos.

Boter, kaas en eieren van gips
Tic Tac Toe of plaster

And this is what tic-tac-toe looks like made with plaster:

You can use the same silicone molds for plaster butter, cheese and egg figures. Weigh the plaster, 1 part water to 1 part plaster. If you want to know how much plaster you need, fill the mold completely with water and weigh it. A good digital scale is indispensable for this.

Place the empty mold on the scale and then turn it on so that your measurement starts at zero. Then add the water. This is the total weight. If this is 100 grams, you need 50 grams of plaster and 50 grams of water. First weigh the plaster and put it in a measuring cup. Then you weigh out the same amount of water and add it to the plaster.

Please note: start stirring immediately, the plaster and water will immediately start to bubble upon contact and must be mixed together quickly. Pour directly into shape and spray away any air bubbles with alcohol.

The nice thing about plaster is that it can be painted, great for a children’s party. The figures must be made in advance, they dry quickly, but cannot be painted over immediately.