With pour soap or plaster, you always have a creative hobby idea!

Windlichtje met gips
Lantern with plaster
De sneeuwman van gietzeep
The snowman made of pour soap
Decoratie met een gietzeep roos
Decoration with pour soap rose
Bedankje van zweetvrije gietzeep
Thanks made of sweat-free pour soap

Looking for a creative idea to do? Or maybe you already have an idea, but the supplies are still missing? We will help you get started with tips and inspiration. Discover everything about making your own soap with cast soap, working with liquid silicone and plaster.

Make your own gift, a big thank you, a nice decoration for the home or make something with the whole class for Mother’s Day or a market or bazaar at school. Soap and plaster are suitable for many purposes and are well received by both young and old.

All materials can be purchased separately, but we have also as a handy package for a children’s party or friends’ evening. In our online soap shop you will find meltable glycerin soap / pour soap sweat-free, molding plaster, decorative pendants, (metal) beads , wax cord, dye, micas, fragrance oil & ribbons. But you have also come to the right place for other supplies/accessories. Indispensable is the au bain marie that we had custom made and which makes processing soap even easier.

Mix colors yourself

Why buy 20 colors to color soap? Mix any color you want with the four color set we developed. The color combinations are endless, so you always have the right color in your home.

Mixing a color is so much fun to do, and making it yourself is really making it yourself. Mixing is child’s play because you receive a color card, so you can easily see which basic colors you mix which color.

In addition to the four basic water-based colors, we also have a number of professional mica dyes.

kleurstof op waterbasis basisset 4 kleuren
Water-based dye basic set 4 colors

Get started quickly with a soap starter pack

We have also complete starter packages for newcomers. A starter set is available for less than 30 euros and has all the ingredients to make your own soap with pour-on soap. If you cannot make a choice, you can put together a starter package that meets your needs.

A complete package for children’s parties is also available. Diplomas for the small soap makers are included in the package, the children have an nice reminder of your successful party. children’s soap making packages.

Startpakket zelf zeep maken
Starter kit, make your own soap

So many wishes, so many silicone molds

With the right mold you can make personal creations. The choice is enormous; Flowers, Animals, Numbers & Letters, shells, all kinds of Dolls, Christmas figures, and so on. These molds are of course suitable for both soap and plaster, but can also be used for other applications.

liquid silicone

If you cannot find the mold you want, simply make it yourself with liquid silicone. Make a silicone mold from an image so that you can copy it. You are guaranteed to be unique!

Siliconen zeep mal
Silicone soap mold

But also packing and packaging

When your creation is ready, make it even more beautiful with professional packaging. Various shapes and sizes with or without text, there is always something that suits you.

inpakken en verpakken

Watch the DIY videos

Video says more than 1000 words, our YouTube videos of making your own soap will quickly show you how to do. There are various videos, are you really looking for a challenge? Then watch the video on how to take a photo in soap. That’s realy special!


Sweat-free soap, what is that?

Various terms are used on the internet. A commonly used one is ‘sweat-free’, which suggests that your soap creation will remain dry, but; Please note: the term ‘sweat-free’ does not mean that soap remains dry after processing!

Sweat-free soap can still be wet. The soap that does remain dry carries the term ‘condensation-free’ and the term sweat-free. We have develop our pour soap until we have discovered the right formula. Thanks to our invention, pour-on soap creations remain dry and beautiful.

Production takes place in our own production area, is’s the only way we can keep the quality constant. If this soap is processed correctly (melt in a bain marie, under no circumstances in the microwave!) it will remain dry after use. Unfortunately, there is also pour-on soap that is guaranteed to become damp after use. Very unfortunate if you made something nice.

Thanks to our innovative production process, our soap does not get wet (sweating, condensation)*, remains soft (practically does not break) and melts faster.
Manufactured in the EU & complies with cosmetics legislation.