Corporate social responsibility,
don’t say, just do!

A hot item these days, we’ve always done it!

Only solid (reusable) materials
We hate throwing away and bad products, ultimately this only burdens the environment. That is why we do not supply plastic molds that can usually only be used once, but rock-solid reusable silicone. No paper measuring cups that are intended for one-time use, but solid, washable ones that will last for years.

Resources are handled as efficiently as possible. If possible it will be used again to prevent unnecessary environmental impact, such as reuse of packaging materials.

Your order will be shipped in a reused or rejected box. These have been rejected because they have the wrong size or wrong / outdated print. These boxes are fine and would otherwise be thrown away unused. As filling, 2 films are used that are filled with air, this reduces the mountain of fillers that fill your wheelie bin. By making the air cushions in-house, we also save on unnecessary transport, which in turn contributes to lower CO2 emissions.

I hear you thinking, foil, but that is plastic after all. That’s correct, but it is recyclable film that consists of one material. There are also paper air cushions for sale, which appear to be environmentally friendly, but they have a plastic coating on them, making them unrecyclable.

They were turned on at the end of 2016, a total of 75 solar panels on our roof. Approximately 18 Megawatts are produced per year, which is much more than we use ourselves. What is left is returned to the grid.

2017 was the year for us to go even further. Since then, only filtered rainwater has been used for the cooling process instead of precious drinking water. The water is stored cool and dark in special basins with a storage capacity of 70,000 liters in total. Rainwater is also used for rough cleaning and rinsing work.

Since our founding in 2004, we have collaborated with a sheltered workshop where (mentally) disabled people package and/or repackage many of our products. Unfortunately, this was forced to stop after years due to changes from the government, which made it financially impossible.

Are we there? No, certainly not, more is possible and there are ideas to use even less packaging material. And what is used should be given a second useful life.