Let our scents stimulate your senses

Fragrance oil (suitable for pour soap)

We have a wide choice of fragrance oils, including those suitable for scented cast soap. We do not dilute the fragrance oil, unfortunately this is often done to make more profit.

Depending on what you need from 15 ml to 25 kilos. We supply it as standard in a brown dropper bottle to keep the scent lasting for as long as possible. Light breaks down odor.

Fragrance oil is suitable for many applications, depending on the fragrance oil you choose, it can be used for: pour-over soap, potpourri, candles, CP soap or decorative use.

Sealing seal

The 15 & 30ml bottles have a professional seal that ensures a good seal during transport. It is also a first use seal which is common in cosmetics.

Larger contents come in a brown bottle.