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Soap molds silicone rubber

The most important to make soaps is the mold. The most molds are made of silicone, some models are made from plastic. We have a big choice of soap molds!

We have a large choices in all kinds of molds from a rose to a bug, a teddy bear or a cow. But also figurines, stars & hearts at attractive prices.

With the right soap mold even a child can make the most beautiful creations with pour soap.3D Soap molds silicone rubber


3D pour soap molds
It’s look magic what you can do with a 3D mold. In no time you make something that look like art. 3D molds are available in many designs, think on a child, dog, pig, shells etc.

98% of our molds made of nearly indestructible silicone rubber. Silicones have numerous advantages:

* Nearly indestructible
Very often use
* Resistant to high and low temperatures
* Fairly inexpensive

Definitely in the top 10 of our finest molds these insects pour soap mold.
Create a soap decoration that looks nice in your house.

Soap molds silicone rubberLadybird:
Height: ± 55 mm
Width: ± 68 mm
: ± 28 mm

Height: ± 51 mm
Width: ± 58mm
Thickness: ± 28 mm

Height: 70 mm
: ± 64 mm
±  28 mm 

Height: ± 65 mm
Width: ± 64 mm
: ± 28mm

We also have a few of plastic molds for less, think of 1 or 2 euros. But handled carefully.

Soap molds